They Acquire Their Tubs

Meanwhile, two people I know independently acquired hot tubs. Caleb's new home came with an old hot tub. I don't know the age of Caleb's hot tub, but it's certainly older than mine. Caleb enthuasiastially rewired the hot tub, cleaned it out, and filled it up. He didn't have any trouble with leaks, though he did have to replace the blower.

Now Caleb & Co. enjoy their hot tub immensely.

Uncle Wally acquired a hot tub from the his friends. He had the damn thing lifted by crane to the roof deck of his four story home, from which he has a clear view of San Francisco bay. An electrician wired the roof for 220 V. Uncle Wally constructed a pergola over the hot tub, and placed a miniature bar nearby.

Now Uncle Wally enjoys his hot tub immensely.

I pined for my hot tub.


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